Friday, March 28, 2014

Parts arrived!

The long awaited pulleys and shoulder screws have arrived! These will form the basis for the H-gantry XY system. I chose to go with shoulder screws and toothed pulleys to reduce vibration and noise within the system.

I've also made the decision to switch from my current Wade's geared extruder to Airtripper's Bowden extruder v3 based on reports of excellent performance. Since the airtripper extruder is direct drive, its stepper motor will have high torque requirements--the creator recommends no less than 5.5kg-cm. Luckily the Kysan motors I have on hand are up to the task!

While reading about Airtripper's Bowden extruder, I came across an interesting comparison of the direct drive gears. Definitely worth a read if you're considering a direct drive extruder!

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