Friday, April 25, 2014

Approaching the end!

Its been a busy few weeks so the printer has taken a bit of a backseat role lately. However, I've managed to complete the last major mechanical system--the Z axis! The Z axis consists of four chrome plated hardened steel rods, two motors, two threaded rods, a few bearings, and the print bed. Since I chose to try out the 1ft^2 basalt substrate from QU-BD, weight is a concern. However, my calculations suggest two stepper motors can adequately lift the massive plate so long as they aren't going "super fast".

I'm expecting to have the components transferred from my LC to the new printer by next weekend. Once everything is transferred, there'll be quite a bit of calibration and firmware tweaking to get it where it should be. Regardless, I'm looking forward to testing this beast!

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