Monday, October 20, 2014

Announcing a New Project: Open Source Reef Controller (OSRC)

I've begun working on another project! Aside from tinkering with electronics, I've enjoyed maintaining a "nano" saltwater aquarium in my spare time. Eventually I hope to transition to a larger tank to provide the best environment possible for my fish and corals. However, caring for larger tanks can be difficult and time consuming--lighting, flow, temperature, and a plethora of chemical concentrations have to be delicately managed to keep the tank's inhabitants alive and well.

To simplify maintenance, some folks have developed aquarium controllers that monitor important parameters and notify the aquarist if something is wrong. However! These systems typically cost a few hundred dollars and use proprietary hardware. This project aims to break the mold by providing a similar user experience at a fraction of the cost--all while using open source software (and hardware, where possible).

My current plan is to develop on a Raspberry Pi with a PiTFT touchscreen. Planned features include advanced lighting management, dosing and feeding control, and web/text based alerts.

Bonus picture of a happy shrimp!

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